Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Story Behind The Purple Tie

This is why this blog is named "The Purple Tie". I commented on Huck Pac back in mid-July of 2008 that Gov. Mike Huckabee should wear a purple tie in his next interview if he got the VP nod. I posted it just as a joke because everyone was going crazy with speculation. I thought the simple way without having Gov. Huckabee tell if he had the VP spot on live television when he wasn't supposed to, was just to wear a purple tie as a signal. That one sentence would make everyone on Huck Pac anxiously looking for a purple tie around Mike's neck. I found it funny that everyone picked up on my comment and started looking for any shade of purple tie that Mike would wear. Anyway, Mike didn't wear a purple tie for 1.5 months probably because he didn't want anyone thinking he got the VP spot. No one knew that Gov. Huckabee even read the comments and knew about our "purple tie watch". He ended up not being VP, but everyone commenting on the Huck Pac website wanted Mike to wear a purple tie at the convention anyway. Right before the 2008 RNC Convention, Sarah Huckabee went shopping for a tie "we all would like" and it ended up being purple. Go check the video--it's there. See, Huck is amazing because he actually cares about his supporters.

UPDATE: Other Purple Tie sightings

1) He wore a Purple Tie at the IFPC dinner on November 21st, 2010 in West Des Moines, IA. It seems that any high-profile appearance lately, he wears a purple tie. Now this purple-tie-wearing Mike Huckabee wouldn't be that significant, BUT he was in Iowa and all the supporters commented that if he was wearing a purple tie, he would run. He wore a purple tie.